Welcome to the Inject-O-Meter home page, the leading manufacturer of fertigation and chemigation equipment since 1965.

Inject-O-Meter Mfg., an established company long considered the leader in the chemigation and fertigation markets.

Our company has sold products all over the world. Our pumps are known for “quality” and are recognized worldwide for their ability to withstand any harsh environment and pump most any chemical.

Our commitment at Inject-O-Meter is to provide our customers affordable and easy to use chemical injection equipment. We specialize in the agricultural, golf course, sod farm, nursery, greenhouse and truck wash marketplaces.

Our pumps are designed to meet many different application requirements.
These include:

    * Fertilizers

    * Pesticides

    * Acids

    * Wetting agents/ Surfactants

    * Soil P.A.M

    * Detergents

    * Micro-Nutrients

    * Organic / Biological Products

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